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More Savings

The Smartin Benefits PHSP is a Canada Revenue Agency approved Health Plan for Business owners and a low cost alternative to Traditional Insured Plans.

No Monthly Premiums

There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Use your Smartin Benefits PHSP as often as you like. Your business only pays when a claim is submitted to us.

Pay Less Tax
Pay Less Tax

All costs associated with your PHSP are funded by your Business using before-tax money. In return, this cost is a 100% tax write-off for your Business.

Non-taxable Benefits
Non-taxable Benefits

All CRA approved health claims are a non-taxable benefit to you and your Employees giving you virtually unrestricted medical benefits.

What we can do for you!

Smartin Benefits, provides health and dental coverage in the form of a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) to small business owners and their employees. At the same time the small business can enjoy substantial tax savings and the employees a non-taxable benefit!

As a small business owner in Canada, health coverage is extremely important. Health and dental expenses for preventative health care, unexpected medical procedures, and various forms of dental work are a part of life. Employees of larger companies normally have group health insurance plans to help cover these costs. Small business owners don't usually have this luxury, but don't worry, we can help!


Smartin Benefits PHSP

Enjoy significant Savings and Benefits through the Smartin Benefits PHSP that allows you and your employees to spend your health care dollars on what's important to each of you.